Catfishing with Planer Boards: An Essential Guide


Ever wished for a magic tool to amplify your catfishing game? Well, your wish is granted. Say hello to planer boards, a game-changing addition to your catfishing toolkit. These nifty devices help you spread your lines across the water, away from your boat, helping you reach the spots where catfish love to hide. So, let’s start our journey to learn how planer boards can make your next catfishing trip the most successful one yet!

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Double X Tackle OCB-10.5 Planer Board 5.5″X10.5″ 2pk Box Clear, One Size
  • The Original ClearBoard is the lightest, best pulling planer board available.
  • No need to drag a one pound planer board when you can pull a 5 oz. planer board with better results.
  • Tested with all types of light and hard pulling live and artificial baits at speeds up to 2.5 mph.
  • Department: unisex-adult
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Double X Tackle OCB-9 Planer Board 4.5″X9″ 2pk Box Clear, OS
  • The Original ClearBoard is the lightest, best pulling planer board available.
  • No need to drag a one pound planer board when you can pull a 5 oz. planer board with better results.
  • Tested with all types of light and hard pulling live and artificial baits at speeds up to 2.5 mph.
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Gator Board Planer Board (Right (Starboard))
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Gator Board XL Planer Board (Left)
  • Made for pulling heavy weights, lead core, copper leads, divers, and large musky baits
  • Floatation foam on the back side is covered with plastic for durability
  • 1 twist lock clip (adjustable tension), and one Heavy Tension Gator Grip clip included.
  • 12″ design, oversized planer board
  • Salmon, Stripers, Musky, Catfish, Trout
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THKFISH Fishing Bobbers Catfish Float Rigs Santee Rig for Catfishing Tackle Rattling Cork EVA Foam Peg Floats Bait Rigs 4PCS 2.5in
  • EFFICIENT CATFISH FLOAT RIG: As one of the most popular catfish fishing rigs, the catfish santee rig is famous for its ability to stimulate all the senses (not just scent) of the catfish to trigger strikes. Through the combination of hook, float, rattle, bead, lure, sinker, snap, swivel, and leader, the santee rig for catfish seduce big fish using smell, vision, sound and vibration, lead to more hits and harder hook ups.
  • RATTLING CATFISH EVA FLOAT: An inline peg float used on catfish rigs helps lift the bait off the bottom out of snags and into the line of sight of catfish. Rattling float is deliberately designed to make noise and vibration, attracting the attention of target fish in more directions. Perfect match with the soft leader wire to realize the perfect display of the bait. Made of EVA foam, the fishing catfish float has strong extrusion resistance, water repellency and corrosion resistance.
  • RIGS for FISHING BIG FISH: The pre-rigged high carbon steel catfish circle hook with higher hardness, thicker and stronger tension than the ordinary hook. Work with big snap and premium soft steel wire, the rattling catfish float rig is capable of withstanding up to 65lb of pulling force. Flexible swivel connection design preventing the current or action of catfish rigs from twisting the main line.
  • GREAT FOR CATFISH FISHING: The Santee rig is a versatile fishing bait rig that can be used for all types of big catfish and all catfishing techniques. Must be an excellent choice for fishing channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish,etc in lakes or rivers. Great for drift fishing and trolling fishing as well and can be used when fishing from a boat or from the shore. A must catfishing tackle bait rig for your catfishing travel.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND USE: Package included: 4PCS. 2sizes: float size: 2.5in,3in. TEST: 65lb. THKFISH catfish float rigs contains pre-rigged hook, rattle float, soft leader wire, swivel, snap, just bait your hooks, and rig your sinker according to the tide, then you are ready to fish.. It’s quickly and conveniently. If you have any problem, please contact our customer support and we will reply you within 24 hours.
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Clarkspoon Fishing Planer – Multiple Sizes – Braced Design Size 2-10-20′
  • Clarkspoon fishing planers are designed to work effectively at almost any trolling speed. Available in size 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Braced design for added strength
  • Clarkspoon has been making quality fishing tackle since 1927
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Opti Tackle 490 Mini Planer Board with Ball Bearing System Left
  • Package length: 6.0 cm
  • Package width: 13.3 cm
  • Package height: 17.8 cm
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Yellow Bird Planer Boards Fishing Products Totally Redesigned New 8′ Medium Planer Board, New Quick Grip Snap Releases
  • New Quick Grip Snap Releases
  • ENCLOSED BACK: Finally, a planer board that’s complete, It solves the problem of Styrofoam deteriorating, popping our, breaking or becoming brittle, Our back stays secure
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: Allows you to control buoyancy for “light “or “heavy” baits AND allows boards to run more efficiently and effectively, no matter the water condition
  • Yellow Bird “THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST” has once again enhanced their “Redesigned” Planer Boards with the following New features
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(2-Pack) Planer Boards (1) right & (1) left – Includes Tattle Flag kit
  • Yellow Bird was the original inventor of the Planer Board. For over 30 years we have improved the design and performance for the most reliable best action on the water today.
  • Tattle flag kits ($14.99 value) are included with all 8″,10″, and 12″ models. The Mini 5” boards do not require the flag kit.
  • Our Newly design “QUICK” release snap clips are also included with the 8″, 10″, and 12″ models. These amazing clips not only make line attachment and removal super quick and easy, but they also work with all line types, including mono, braid, and even lead/copper core. The mini boards use our original clip specifical designed for Mono and small line applications.
  • The yellow Bird planer boards have an adjustable weight to control buoyancy for “light” or “heavy” baits with towability up to 150 feet or more away from the side of the boat at variable depths.
  • Planer boards makes for a fantastic fishing accessory for a wide variety of species and conditions, including inshore, offshore, river, even shore fishing with current. Walleye, salmon, trout, pike, panfish, and just about any other species for fish.
Bestseller No. 10
Yellow Bird Planer Board “Big Bird (600PP- Port & Starboard Pro Pack, 4 Scotty Releases + Hardware & Flags – Red/Green)
  • Item Package Dimension: 13.38L x 5.19W x 3.70H inches
  • Item Package Weight – 0.73 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity – 1
  • Product Type – SPORTING GOODS

Detailed Review of Catfish Planer Boards

Planer boards might look a bit strange at first – like little surfboards or tiny boats. But don’t let their looks fool you; these small gadgets are powerful catfish-catching aids.

There are a few different types of planer boards you can use for catfishing. Some are designed to be used on one side of the boat (port or starboard), while others can be used on either side. Most planer boards are made from durable, lightweight materials and come in bright colors for easy visibility on the water.

The magic of planer boards lies in their ability to spread your baited lines horizontally across the water. This means you can cover a wider area and increase your chances of attracting a curious catfish. Imagine throwing a wider net in the water, without actually needing a larger net!

Key features to look for in a planer board include its size (bigger is not always better – it depends on the size of fish you’re after), the quality of the clip that holds your line (it needs to be strong yet easy to release), and how well the board performs in different water conditions.

In essence, a planer board is like your secret weapon in the world of catfishing. They help you target those elusive catfish that other anglers might miss, giving you a clear advantage. So, let’s continue to explore how to use and care for these amazing tools effectively!

How to Use Planer Boards for Catfishing

Using planer boards for catfishing is as easy as pie, once you get the hang of it. Let’s break it down into simple steps.

First, you attach your line to the planer board using the clip – think of it like clipping a clothespin on a washing line. Then, you let the planer board out into the water, it’ll sail away from your boat taking the baited line with it. This allows your bait to drift into areas you couldn’t reach before.

Keep in mind, planer boards are not just for still water. They can be real game-changers in flowing rivers too, helping you to combat the current and keep your bait in the strike zone longer. It’s like having an extra pair of hands, constantly adjusting your bait position for the perfect catch.

Maintenance and Care of Catfish Planer Boards

Taking care of your planer boards is pretty straightforward. After each fishing trip, rinse them with fresh water to remove any dirt or fishy gunk. Dry them off before storing to avoid any mold or mildew.

Every now and then, check the clips and hinges for any signs of wear. A quick spray of WD-40 or a similar product can keep these parts moving smoothly. Remember, a well-cared-for planer board is a reliable ally on your catfishing trips!


There you have it, fellow catfish enthusiasts! Adding a planer board or two to your fishing gear can really boost your catfishing game. They’re simple to use, easy to maintain, and incredibly effective in helping you lure in those elusive catfish. So why wait? Embark on your next catfishing adventure with a planer board in tow, and reel in a catch worth bragging about. Happy catfishing!