The 10 Best Trout Lures


When you’re heading out on your next fishing trip searching for trout, you need to make sure you’re well-supplied. This means that to reel one in, you need the trout lures available.

Finding the best lures for trout can pose a challenge if you aren’t sure what to look for. That’s why you might need help – and we’re here to offer just that!

Here, we’ll take a look at some commonly asked questions about trout lures and detail a buying guide. On top of that, we’ll show you some of our favorite products, so you can learn and shop together.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for and which lures will work for you. You’ll even have some choice options to consider before you go!

Top 10 Trout Lures

1. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Lifelike Kit

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Lifelike Kit

This hook is an excellent choice for fishermen looking to catch predator fish such as trout, pike, and walleye. The pearl powder coating makes these hooks resemble baitfish so much that predator fish can’t help but be enticed.

These hooks are specially designed with an eight-section segmented body that mimics the swimming motion of baitfish. This design helps the hook look real enough that trout are unable to distinguish it from real baitfish.

These baits are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, making them versatile enough for virtually any fishing trip. They’re also easy to use, so much so that even novice fishermen should have no trouble with them.

The quality design of these hooks makes them able to stand up against heavy use. Made with ABS plastic and woven mesh fabric, TRUSCEND fishing lures won’t let you down when you need them.

  • Eight-section design swims in “S” motion
  • Realistic powder coating
  • Usable in saltwater and freshwater
  • Sturdy design stands up to heavy use
  • The back hook can get caught in the tail

2. TOPFORT Fishing Lures

TOPFORT Fishing Lures

The TOPFORT Fishing Lures includes 20 lures and a carrying case. Each of the 20 spinner lures comes in a bright color that works to sparkle in the water.

The carrying case for this product is helpful in keeping the lures properly organized. The stainless steel clip on the case allows you to hook the case to your belt or tackle box.

The eye of a lure is important in making sure that trout are attracted to your bait. With a 3D simulated eye, this lure looks real enough to fool nearby fish.

Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater, these lures are a great choice for fishermen looking for variety in their tackle. There’s no reason to pack a ton of lures when you have hooks that can be used for many environments.

  • Contains 20 different lures
  • Comes with an added carrying case and steel clip
  • Usable in saltwater and freshwater
  • 3D simulated eye
  • Blades on lures don’t spin continuously

3. Tailored Tackle Trout Fishing Kit

Tailored Tackle Trout Fishing Kit

The Tailored Tackle Trout Fishing Kit is the perfect kit for any novice trout fisherman looking to improve their skills. With so many pieces, there’s something in this kit to keep you learning for quite a while.

Each Tailored Tackle Trout Fishing Kit contains 99 pieces, including spinners, lures, and terminal tackle. This includes 10 three-inch trout worms, a 3/16 oz casting spoon, and many more.

This kit also includes a field guide with all the information a beginner trout fisherman would need to know. Included in the guide is information about using the items in the kit and tips for handling and releasing trout.

All 99 pieces of this kit come in a tackle box with 13 compartments. These compartments make it easy to keep your tackle organized for when you need them most.

  • An 18-page field guide for beginner fishermen
  • Includes dozens of different tackle
  • 13 compartment tackle box
  • Perfect for saltwater and freshwater
  • Possibly too beginner-oriented for some fishermen

4. Panther Martin Pro Guide Anywhere 6-Pack

Panther Martin Pro Guide Anywhere 6-Pack

Panther Martin knew exactly what they were doing when they designed the Pro Guide Anywhere 6-Pack. With six lures to choose from, you’re covered no matter what body of water you’re fishing.

While the colors on these lures may vary, the quality will not. Each lure is designed to catch trout in regions ranging across the United States.

With a conclave blade and a razor-sharp treble hook, these lures are sure to attract any nearby trout. The weight of each lure is sufficient to ensure that the lure can be cast far and sink fast.

Fishermen can catch a number of predator fish with these lures, including crappie and trout. These lures are easy-to-use, making them perfect for novice and expert trout fishermen alike.

  • Six different lures for maximum variety
  • Perfect for saltwater and freshwater
  • Able to sink fast in the water
  • Can be used in virtually any body of water
  • Can warp after significant use

5. Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit

The Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit has a lot to offer trout fishermen. With 85 pieces total, there are more than enough lures to get a trout on the line.

Each product contains 70 split-tail grub bodies in various colors. Additionally, there are 15 1/64 ounce size 8 hooks in gold, black, and silver.

These lures are made with a high-grade plastic that endures well under the stress of regular use. You’ll never need to worry about these lures breaking on you when you’ve hooked a trout on the line.

Leland packages their lures in a plastic tackle box that is easily transported. You can easily pack this tackle box in a backpack or vest pocket to save space on your fishing trip.

  • 85 piece fishing kit
  • Made from high-grade plastic
  • Made in colors perfect for enticing fish
  • Lures fall horizontally in the water
  • Lures may be too small for large trout

6. TRUSCEND Fishing Lifelike Lures Kit

TRUSCEND Fishing Lifelike Lures Kit

The TRUSCEND Fishing Lifelike Lures Kit is a reliable choice no matter where you fish. These #6 Mustad hooks are slow sinking, preventing them from dropping to the bottom quickly.

Each lure is separated into four sections and given lifelike eyes, making them highly desirable to trout. The design of these lures gives them the ability to move through the water in a realistic motion.

These lures can be used in virtually any body of water, whether salty or fresh. No matter where you’re using them, though, you can rest assured these lures won’t get tangled on the line.

The durable design of these lures is one feature that appeals to many fishermen. With an ABS plastic body and strong woven joints, it’s no wonder that these lures hold up well under pressure.

  • Four-segment body
  • 3D lifelike eyes
  • Mimics the movement of an injured fish
  • Built-in gravity ball creates noise
  • Colors can appear dull

7. Sptlimes Fishing Lures Kit Set for Trout, Bass and Salmon

Sptlimes Fishing Lures Kit Set for Trout, Bass and Salmon

There are enough lures in the Sptlimes Fishing Lures Kit Set for Trout, Bass and Salmon to keep you well-supplied. With 77 total pieces, there are more than enough lures for any fishing trip.

All the lures are made from quality metal and plastics to create products that do not degrade with use. With proper maintenance, this kit can last for many fishing trips over the years.

There are six lure types in this kit including crankbaits, vibration lures, topwater lures, plastic worms, jigs, and soft baits. Each of these baits is specially crafted to entice trout through color, movement, and speed.

What makes this product stand out is the true variety of lures that it contains. There are enough options that you can switch out for another lure if it seems like the trout aren’t biting.

  • 77 piece kit
  • Made from quality metal and plastic
  • Includes six types of lures
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy organization
  • Hooks may be too small for large trout

8. Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending Shallow Diving Crankbait

Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending Shallow Diving Crankbait

With a diving depth of six feet, this lure is a solid choice for fishermen who cast in shallow waters. The Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending Shallow Diving Crankbait is the perfect size to draw the attention of trout.

This lure has a diamond-shaped mouth that closely resembles baitfish commonly eaten by trout. This combined with its tight movements makes this lure irresistible to predators.

Each lure has two treble hooks, one mid-body, and another on the tail. These hooks make it possible to set the fish on the line no matter where it bites on the lure.

This lure is available in 17 colors, making it versatile enough for most environments. Those looking to catch smaller trout can even opt for a version of this lure that is 2.75 inches.

  • Diamond-shaped mouth
  • Dives up to six feet
  • 3D lifelike eye
  • Mimics the swimming motion of an injured fish
  • Available in 17 colors
  • Hooks are smaller than what is needed for some trout species

9. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

The TRUSCEND Fishing Lures 3.5-inch swimbait is versatile enough to use in most environments. The three-dimensional paddle tail allows this lure to move in realistic ways at any speed, even at low depths.

Each lure is crafted from high-carbon steel with a built-in magnet. These qualities help to ensure that your bait stays on the hook even after some curious bites.

These trout lures are colored using a two-tone color injection process. This process gives the lures a highly individual look that makes them blend in well in the water.

All of these lures are made with organic and degradable plastics per the manufacturer’s standards. This means you can rest assured that you are choosing an environmentally-friendly product when you make a purchase.

  • Moves in realistic ways
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Crafted from high carbon steel
  • Two-tone injection coloring
  • May be too large for small trout species
  • Requires fast retrieval time for proper movement

10. Tbuymax Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit

Tbuymax Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit

The Tbuymax Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit is designed to attract any trout that may be nearby. At 2.5-3 inches and 0.25-0.28 ounces, these lures are big enough to snag large fish.

Treble hooks and colorful sleeves made these lures stand out to trout. The blade in the design helps to provide flash and vibration, other qualities attractive to predator fish.

This product comes with ten lures made to maximize usability for fishermen. The rooster fishing tail lures are able to be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

The ten lures come in two plastic carrying cases that make it easy to keep your lures organized. These cases can be stored in a pocket or tackle box and brought on a fishing trip without a problem.

  • Contains 20 unique lures
  • Each product contains two carrying cases for easy storage
  • Right size hooks to catch large trout
  • Can be used in saltwater or freshwater
  • Coloring may be dull in murky water

Best Trout Lures Buying Guide

Finding the right trout lure can pose quite a challenge. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve taken the time to break down what you need to know.

Follow these tips to find the trout lure that will have you reeling in the big ones on your next trip.

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Type of Lure

The type of trout will heavily affect the type of lure you need to catch them. Different trouts are different sizes and have varied diets.

It’s always a good idea for your lure to mimic the diet of the fish you’re trying to catch. This way, the fish are more attracted to the lure and more likely to bite.

If you’re after small trout, lure that resembles insects. Larger trout, specifically these over a foot long, are more likely to go after small fish, large insects, or even frogs.

Lure Material

The material that the lure is made of is crucial as well. This affects durability and longevity.

On top of that, trouts are prone to attack their prey. So, you’ll need a lure that can take the abuse of a trout biting onto it.

Luckily, most trout lure manufacturers keep this in mind when they create their products. This means that most lures marketed for trout fishing can take the abuse.

Still, it’s important to know what materials you can trust and which ones you can’t for trout.

The best choices are brass, steel, and high-grade ABS plastic. Anything else won’t have as long of a lifespan or as much reliable usability.

Lure Weight

The weight of the lure that you need will depend on the environment that you’re fishing in. For faster currents, like streams and rivers, you’ll want to choose heavier lures that won’t get swept away.

In calmer waters, you can opt for lighter lures. They’re less likely to move unrealistically since they face less resistance.

The best choice is usually to save lighter weight lures for shallow waters.

Lure Movement

You should also consider how your lure moves or at least how you can make it move. The more realistically a lure “behaves” in the water will also affect how believable it is to a trout.

Some lures are shaped to help them move in the water if you aren’t sure how to handle them alone. For example, segmented lures often move in an S-shape as they move.

Lure Hooks

The hooks on your lure shouldn’t have a design that’s obvious. Fish are able to identify threats – an obvious hook is a clear threat.

Small treble hooks are preferred since they aren’t as obtrusive. A trout is less likely to spot these than something larger.

If you’re using larger hooks, you can hide them in a lure with fur or other decorative additions.

Small hooks do pose a threat if you want to keep the fish alive. This is because fish are more likely to swallow them, ending in a fatality.

Lure Color

There are many different lure colors available. Some are realistically-colored while others are brightly toned.

This is especially crucial when you’re fishing for trout because this type of fish has great eyesight. This means that they’ll notice details in the lure you use.

Realistically-colored lures are often great ideas because, well, they look more real. However, they might stand out less in darker conditions.

In dark or low-light conditions, it’s a good idea to opt for brighter lures. These are more visible and trout are more likely to spot them even when they can’t see as well.

Yet, you should opt for colors like violet or blue. If you use unnatural colors, like hot pink or neon green, they’ll look out of place.

Bright lures are a great choice because trout have an expansive view of the UV spectrum. So, bright colors catch their eye well.

It’s important to know when to use reflective lures, though. If you use reflective colored lures, you should do so in less clear water.

Number of Pieces In a Kit

The great thing about lure kits is that they often come with a number of different tools to use. This is a distinct advantage over buying a single lure.

Because trout vary so much as a type of fish, it’s good to have plenty of options. This way, you can adjust to the species you’re fishing and the conditions you’re in.

Due to this fact, it’s great to have the option to rely on an expansive kit. The more options you have, the more ready you’ll be for a variety of situations and environments.

Trout with bait

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

What Color Lure Is Best for Trout?

When it comes to lures, there are plenty of color options to choose from. However, some colors will perform better than others.

The most recommended colors for trout fishing lures are a combination of colors. Chartreuse and white work as well as a combination of black and red.

In low light, you can also use solid colors such as black, blue, or violet – all these options perform well.

What Is the Best Lure to Catch Rainbow Trout?

For rainbow trout, the best lure you can use is the Tailored Tackle Trout Fishing Kit. This is an expansive kit that includes 77 pieces and a tackle box.

These span over a variety of different bait types. This includes options such as crankbait lures, spoons, spinnerbaits, trout spinners, and grub lures.

It also includes a handy fishing guide to get you started with your new kit.

What Is the Best Trout Bait?

One of the best lures for trout is the TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Trout, Bass Lifelike Kit. These lures come in multiple patterns to cater to different situations and techniques.

They are also multi-jointed lures, giving them an S-shape while they move. This adds to the realism in its movement, making the lure more believable to trout.

The pearl powder coating also makes the color on these lures last over time.

What Are the Best Lures for Brown Trout?

For brown trout, you’ll want to rely on a heavier duty lure. Brown trouts tend to grow larger than types such as rainbow fish.

Because of this, we recommend the Tbuymax Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit. These lures are made to cater to heavier fish without suffering lasting damage.


Finding the best trout lures can end up a stressful endeavor. Luckily, it doesn’t have to cause so much strife.

Now that you’ve gone through this guide, you know what to look for. You even have some answers to questions that you might have run across in your search.

You can use these tips to find the perfect lure for your fishing plans and your personal technique.

In addition, you can depend on the products that we’ve suggested here to work well and last a long time. So, adding any of them to your tackle box will go a long way.

With this in mind, you can choose what works for you and have a successful fishing trip!

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