The 10 Best Pike Lures for a Good Catch


When you’re headed out on the water for the day to catch pike, you need the right tools for the job. That’s why you have to make sure you have the best pike lures ready in your tackle box.

What makes the best pike lure, though? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what to look for if you’re new to it.

Yet, there’s good news: you aren’t alone in your search. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know from what to look for the best products available. We’ll even take the time to answer some of the most common questions about pikes and how to catch them.

If you want the best lures available, keep reading to find out exactly what you need to know!

The 10 Best Pike Lures

1. Mepps Dressed Lure Assortment Piker Kit

Mepps Dressed Lure Assortment Piker Kit

The Mepps Dressed Lure Assortment Piker Kit offers you plenty of options when it comes to the lures you use. The kit is complete with six different lure designs, so you can experiment with what works best.

Each option in the kit is made with the same high-quality and durability, though. Each lure is fashioned with a solid brass body with plating in gold, copper, or polished brass.

These will also last you quite a while too. This is thanks to more than just their solid brass design.

Each lure is hand-turned on the lathe during creation. That process ensures that they’re resistant to cracking and chipping.

The flexible vinyl decals on these lures aren’t likely to fade off anytime soon either. They’re UV-resistant and made with silk screed to create a long-lasting finish.

  • Lures have solid brass bodies
  • Beads are resistant to chipping and cracking
  • Lures resist fading with UV protection
  • Made to draw in large pikes
  • Multiple lures included in the kit
  • Some lures in the kit work better than others

2. TRUSCEND Combination D Fishing Lures Kit

TRUSCEND Combination D Fishing Lures Kit

The TRUSCEND Combination D Fishing Lures Kit is made to help you catch the predator fish you’re after. This includes pike, bass, walleye, and trout.

There are three lures in the TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Kit. Each one is made with ABS plastic and mesh woven fabric that ensures that each lure is as durable as possible.

Each lure is also manufactured through 3D printing and finished with a pearl powder coating. This is what allows them to take on such detailed and realistic colors and patterns.

These lures also have segmented bodies. This makes it very easy to simulate the realistic movement of the lure in the water to draw predators in.

With this body design, these lures “swim” through the water in a natural “S” shape. They will keep this pattern up at any speed as well.

  • Three lures included in each kit
  • Segmented body sections allow for realistic movement
  • Made with two treble hooks per lure
  • Targeted at predator fish like pike and bass
  • Realistic appearance
  • Treble hooks are slightly fragile for larger, rowdier catches

3. Tackle Industries SuperD Northern Pike Lure

Tackle Industries SuperD Northern Pike Lure

If you’re looking for the best lure for Northern pike specifically, this is a strong contender. The Tackle Industries SuperD Northern Pike Lure is meant to lure pikes in for you.

The lure is a total of 16 inches long with the tail fully extended. Normally, the tail does curve in to create a more realistic lure appearance.

This is a soft-bodied lure, so it uses a rubber body construction rather than plastic. This adds to the realistic appearance that your lure will have underwater.

However, you won’t need to worry about the rubber body coming off. The internal coil harness features a BodyLock system to ensure that the lure stays in one piece.

This lure is recommended for use as a crankbait, jig, or jerk bait. This gives you some versatility in your personal fishing technique.

  • Multiple designs available
  • Durable inner harness keeps the body intact
  • Can accept up to two treble hooks
  • Made specifically to lure in pike
  • Single lure only – not part of a kit

4. Thkfish Fishing Lures

Thkfish Fishing Lures

The Thkfish Fishing Lures come in a kit that includes five lures. There are also two color patterns to choose from, allowing you to find what’s best for you.

These lures don’t have a segmented body, but their small size makes up for it. Since they’re so small, you can use them in a jerking motion that appears realistic to pike.

Even better, you can create a jerking motion with the lure without having to twist and tangle your line.

Each of these lures is brightly colored as well to better grab the attention of predator fish. With a mirror-like finish, they’re also UV-protected against fading caused by sunlight.

These lures are also made so that they’re easy to use. This means that even if you’re new to fishing for pike, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

  • Kit includes five lures
  • Made durable enough to withstand bending, breaking, and corrosion
  • Produce erratic movement without having to twist your line
  • Highly visible to attract fish
  • Far casting
  • Small lures with non-segmented body

5. Booyah Pike Spinnerbait Fishing Lure

Booyah Pike Spinnerbait Fishing Lure

When you need the best spinnerbaits for pike, this product is a great choice to consider. The Booyah Pike Spinnerbait Fishing Lure is one of the best options in this category.

This spinnerbait lure also comes in a variety of colors. This includes color designs named Red Craw, Crawfish, Glowtreuse, Midnight, Perch, Sunfish, Shadtreuse, and Shad.

Of course, you don’t want a spinnerbait that’s fragile and can’t stand abuse. That’s why Booyah made this lure with a tough Vibra FLX wireframe.

With this frame, you don’t have to worry about the lure breaking or bending when in use. It’s an incredibly sturdy lure that will last you a while.

While this deal only includes one lure, it does come everything with other tools you need to reel in pike. This includes a 12-inch leader made of steel that’s just as durable as the lure itself.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Vibra FLX wireframe is built to last
  • Includes 12-inch leader
  • Blades spin easily and effectively
  • Only one lure included in each order

6. TRUSCEND Combo Fishing Lures Kit

TRUSCEND Combo Fishing Lures Kit

The TRUSCEND Combo Fishing Lures Kit includes a total of three lures. These lures have different designs but all three are designed to look and move realistically.

The bait lures are even outfitted with 3D eyes as well as detailed designs. This makes them look incredibly realistic in the water to draw predators in.

They also move realistically thanks to their segmented bodies. With this segmentation, the lures move in a believable “S” shape in the water at any speed.

Each lure is outfitted with a pair of treble hooks as well. One sits near the head of the lure while another closer to the tail.

You can depend on the durability of the TRUSCEND Combo Fishing Lure Kit too. They’re made of ABS plastic and reinforced with woven mesh fabric for additional strength.

  • Made with strong ABS fabric and mesh woven fabric
  • Detailed, lifelike appearance
  • Multi-jointed body to recreate realistic movement
  • Rigged with a pair of treble hooks
  • Targeted at predator fish like pikes and bass
  • Too big for effective fishing for smaller fish

7. Guideline Musky Slayer Spinner Blade

Guideline Musky Slayer Spinner Blade

The Guideline Musky Slayer Spinner Blade is available in two forms. You can choose between either tandem or a single spinnerbait.

These lures also come with six options when it comes to color and design. These are called Fire Tiger, Black Orange, Orange Black, Red White, Tiger Fire, White Red.

While many of these colors have similar names, they aren’t the same. The similarly named colors refer to which color is dominant in the multi-colored lure.

All in all, the lure features three essential colors used in varying conditions. This allows you to choose a pattern that works best for you and your personal technique when fishing.

The lure is also tested before sale to ensure it does what it’s promised to do. It’s tested as effective for fish such as musky, bass, and – most importantly in this case – pike.

  • Outfitted with sharp, strong treble hooks
  • Multiple color schemes available
  • Available in both single and tandem form
  • Testing for musky, bass, and pike fishing
  • Only one lure per order

8. Facikono Lures Soft Swimbait

Facikono Lures Soft Swimbait

This six-pack of lures comes in six colors: blue, green, silver, white, red-white, and black-red. With so many colors, you’d be hard-pressed not to catch any fish.

Each of the six lures is made with environmentally safe plastics and lifelike features. Rather than looking like fake fish, these lures have eyes, mouths, fins, and scales that resemble real fish.

The tails of these lures are shaped such that they create a realistic swimming motion in the water. Similarly, the heads are shaped to conceal the hooks while maintaining a realistic design.

All of these lures are made with the counterweight needed to make them sink. You’ll never need to worry about these lures, as you’ll always get long-casting products that sink deep when needed.

Bass, Crappie, Carp, Pike, Trout, and others are attracted to these lures. Whether you’re fishing saltwater or freshwater, there’s sure to be a fish attracted to the lure on your line.

  • Comes in six colors
  • Perfect for saltwater or freshwater
  • Create a realistic swimming motion
  • Made from environmentally safe plastic
  • May have an odor

9. SteelShad XL Lipless Crankbait

SteelShad XL Lipless Crankbait

The SteelShad XL Lipless Crankbait is made to cater to all environments. Whether you’re fishing in saltwater or freshwater, shallow water or deep water, you can rely on it.

This is, as the name suggests, an XL crankbait but it’s still small enough to move effectively without segmentation.

It offers vibrating and jerking movement as a prey fish to pikes would. The bright appearance is also easy to spot in the water.

On the topic of color, you have several options. This includes both a variety of solid colors and more realistic designs based on fish species.

This crankbait lure is also designed to make for easy casting. It’s carefully balanced for simple casting no matter if you’re new to pike fishing or have done it for years.

  • Stainless steel body is durable and long-lasting
  • XL fishing lure aimed at large fish
  • Vibrating movement lures fish in
  • Works in both freshwater and saltwater environments
  • Available in 8 colors
  • One lure per purchase

10. TRUSCEND Paddle Tail Swimbaits

TRUSCEND Paddle Tail Swimbaits

Each TRUSCEND pack comes with five baits, either 3.5 inches, 4 inches, or 4.7 inches. No matter the length you choose, each of these lures produce a swimming motion meant to attract fish.

These swimming motions are produced even at slow speeds so you’ll be able to catch slow-moving fish. Equipped with carbon steel hooks and built-in magnets, these lures are designed to avoid losing bait.

The 3.5-inch lures are capable of reaching down into lower depths, the exact place to find pike. Pike aren’t the only fish you can catch, though, as most are on the table.

These lures come in a number of colors, making it easy to find the one that suits the trip most. Regardless of the rigging you choose, these lures are sure to get a bite on the line.

  • Carbon steel hooks
  • Built-in magnets
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Either 3.5, 4, or 4.5 inches
  • The magnet may fail after significant use

Buying Guide

Finding the right pike lure means knowing what to look for. With so many kinds and types, though, it’s often tough when you first start out.

Don’t worry because that’s why we’ve detailed this buying guide to break down exactly what you should look for.

Types of Lures

There are plenty of types of fishing lures but there are about six you need to know about. They have varying advantages and disadvantages.


Spoons are versatile and very common. They look like a spoon sans handle with a hook for keeping fish on the line.

Their design allows them to wobble realistically in the water and their reflective design draws attention.


Jigs are great for pikes because they work well in weeded environments or ones full of rocks or timber. They’re also often inexpensive, so if they do get lost, you won’t suffer much.

Many jigs feature an attached hook and work best with an up and down motion while reeling them in.

Plastic Prey

Plastic worms were a staple for a time but now there’s a variety of plastic prey out there. This includes crayfish, grubs, salamanders, perch, and more.

These are great for catching fish’s attention, but they often work better in tandem with sinkers and circle hooks.


Crankbaits aren’t made for you to cast them out and let them sit. Instead, you should cast them and reel them back in.

This is because they make a swimming motion when they move which is what will catch a pike’s attention. Remember, realism is part of the key here: you want pike to believe that they’re chasing prey not bait.


Spinners are another choice that’s great in weeds or debris-filled areas. They have a teardrop-shaped blade that allows for quick retrieval.

When you retrieve a spinner lure, it skips on the surface of the water. On the other hand, you can allow them to sink and they’ll bounce on the bottom in shallow enough water.

Lure Colors

Lures are available in many different colors and designs. The color that will work most effectively, though, often depends on the weather.

If it’s bright outside, you’ll want to stick to bright, reflective colors. Alternatively, brightly-colored lures are great in low-light as well since they’ll stand out.

If it’s darker or cloudy out when you fish, darker lures are a great choice too. This is because the pikes are likely to look at a dark shadow above them.

Above all, you want your lure to try and match the natural prey of pikes as possible. This might mean doing some research to see what pikes are eating around where you fish.

Lure Depth

Certain lures are made to work better in certain depths. In addition, many lures are made to go to certain depths.

A part of this is reliant on how deep pike are likely to swim in the water. In the summer, fish, generally, are more likely to swim near the surface while they swim deeper in the cold.

All in all, you’re more likely to catch a pike, specifically, in shallow water. This means that lures meant for shallow water are great choices.

Lure Size

You want a lure that will draw your fish of choice in and draw them towards you. So, lure size is relative to creating the illusion of tasty prey.

In general, if a lure is too small, fish will ignore it. After all, it doesn’t look like something they usually eat.

A good rule of thumb is that the bigger a fish is, the bigger it’s prey is likely to be. In short, bigger fish eat bigger things.

Pikes can reach particularly impressive sizes. As such, you’ll want to opt for medium to large size lures to attract their attention.

Pike eating lure

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

What Lures Work Best for Northern Pike?

There are plenty of different types of lures that you can rely on when trying to reel in Northern pikes.

Jerkbaits and crankbaits are common choices when it comes to pike fishing. This is partially because they’re both realistic looking.

Spinners, or spinnerbaits, are also a common choice for pikes. This is because pikes are well-known for hiding in weeds, where spinnerbaits are considered highly effective.

What Does a Pike Eat?

Pikes aren’t necessarily picky eaters. This means that you have some options when it comes to the lure you use.

These predator fish may go after spiny prey like perch or they might even resort to smaller fish like sticklebacks.

If needed, pikes may also opt for insects or leeches. However, they will also opt for prey as large as small birds and mammals too.

In the end, pikes are resourceful predators and they’ll eat what they find readily available in their environment.

What Size Lures for Pike?

When you’re choosing a lure, realism is often the key. Yet, this doesn’t just fall to the paint job on or movement of your lure.

One of the most important things to get right is the size of your lure. If you choose the wrong option, you might not catch many fish.

For pike, the basic measurement sits between about four to six inches.

What Colors Do Pike See Best?

Pikes are visual predators meaning what they see drives how and what they hunt.

So, you have to make sure you choose the right colors to reel one in. If you want pikes to notice the color of your lure, make sure it’s a reflective option!

However, many pikes are under their prey, so a dark or black silhouette will draw them in as well.


Pikes are a common target when people head out on the water to fish. That means that knowing how to catch them is a crucial skill as a fisherman.

The first step to start to reel in pikes is to know what will attract them. In other words, you need a lure you can rely on.

That’s why we detailed the information in this guide. Now that you’ve read it, you know exactly what to look for in the best pike lures.

Even better, with the products we’ve shared here, you can find a lure no matter what your preference is. The list offers a reliable range so you don’t have to search everywhere to find a high-quality lure.

So, use the information we’ve given to find a lure that fits you and have fun on your next outing!

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