The 7 Best Fly Reels Under 100$


Getting the best fly reel under 100 dollars can get you a top-notch product with a fantastic price tag. You don’t have to spend too much money to have a good time when you’re fly fishing.

However, there are all sorts of materials, weights, and other variables that can make it a bit confusing for beginners and experts alike. Don’t worry though, as this page has everything you need to get your gear the way you want it.

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Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel
Piscifun Aoka Aluminum

After studying up on the best of the best fly reels, this list is comprised of a handful that’d make any fisherman proud to use. Whether you’re after a 3/4 weight reel made out of aluminum or a 5/6 weight reel made from composite industrial-strength plastics, you’ll find it all here.

Finding the Best Fly Reel Under 100$:

1. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel (9/10) | Best for Large Fish

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel
Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
Materials:Aluminum, hard anodized coating,
cork, stainless steel
Diameter:4.05 inches
Line Weight:3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10

Starting off the list is the versatile Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel (9/10). This reel is made with an aluminum alloy body to give it a reduced overall weight without sacrificing durability. It comes in Pink, Space Gray, Gunmetal, and Black. You can also choose between a few weights, but we’re going to focus on the 9/10 model.

The hard anodized surface throughout the body of this fly fishing reel is designed to reduce rust and corrosion. As most fishermen know, rust is the eventual demise of the vast majority of fishing reels. Consequently, the aluminum combined with the coating helps protect it from damage if you drop it.

Perhaps the most unspoken trait that customers love is the cork and stainless steel drag system. This promotes smooth movements, preventing line skipping and breaking when you’re reeling in a big fish.

  • Comes in several colors and sizes
  • Made out of durable aluminum and a hard anodized coating
  • 9/10wt is perfect for large fish
  • Since it’s so popular, it’s slightly on the pricier side

2. Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel (7/8) | Best for Longevity

Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel
Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 5.9 ounces
Diameter:3.54 inches
Line Weight:3/4, 5/6, 7/8

Next up on the list is the Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel (7/8). Much like the previous entry on the list, this one comes in a multitude of sizes and a couple of colors to choose from. However, the 7/8 model is the biggest bang for your buck for fishermen who want to catch medium to large fish. You’ll get a comfortable amount of resistance while maintaining complete control.

The aluminum alloy body reduces the overall weight dramatically, but thanks to the unique pattern, you won’t have to worry about scuffing it up. One of the most unique features of this product is that you can use it in saltwater. Most other reels would corrode from excessive salt levels, but the coating on this model protects it from damage.

If you decide to go with this product, you’ll also receive a carrying bag for storage purposes. Since it’s so lightweight, you won’t have to worry about lugging it around. The overall weight is only 5.9 ounces, much less than other competitors. However, it’s still a good size rod for trout fishing.

  • Made from cold-forged, durable aluminum
  • Comes with a couple of colors and sizes
  • Easy to disassemble and repair
  • Smaller than other products of its caliber

3. Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel | Best for Versatile Usage

Piscifun Aoka Aluminum
Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
Materials:Aluminum, cork, teflon
Diameter:3.4 inches
Line Weight:3/4, 5/6, 7,8

Yet another Piscifun reel finds itself on the list due to high-quality internals. The Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel is far above its price range, making it a steal for fishermen of all experience levels. The cork and Teflon drag system are reliable and promote smooth operation for years of usage.

Since it’s 5/6wt, it’s the most versatile size that you could find. There’s a reason that so many people search for 5wt reels, and it’s because they can work with a number of other line sizes. The quick spool release system works well for right-handed and left-handed people, letting you switch back and forth when you’re dealing with a tough fish.

Another great trait that other reels don’t focus on is the audio of it. Not too many people think about the sound that their reel produces, but this reel is nearly dead silent. You won’t disturb fish or other animals in the area, making both hunting and fishing a breeze.

  • Made out of machine-crafted aluminum
  • Crafted by a reliable brand
  • Cork and Teflon interior drag system
  • The aluminum used in this product isn’t rust-proof

4. Redington Zero Fly Reel (4/5) | Best for Small Fish

Redington Zero
Redington Zero Fly Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
Materials:Die cast metal, nylon
Diameter:3.5 inches
Line Weight:2/3, 4/5

The Redington Zero Fly Reel (4/5) is a solid choice for people who are focusing on catching small fish. It’ll prevent too much of a challenge, letting you kick back and relax while the reel does its job. Thanks to the die-cast construction, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged or harmed when used properly.

Choose from Black, Teal, or Sand when you’re ready to head to the checkout area. This model also comes in 2/3 if you want to catch tiny fish for sport. The spring-loaded drag system provides a nice cushioned layer to promote comfort and remove any difficulty. You’ll quickly notice that this product is best cheap fly reel for people who just want to relax on the river!

The ergonomic handle is a big deal among customers who’ve been using it for years. It’s easy to use and it molds right to your fingers instantly. You’ll also enjoy the quick spool changing feature that lets you get right back to it in seconds.

  • Easy to use the ergonomic handle
  • All features are designed for comfort
  • Perfect for small fish
  • Not ideal for big fish
  • Not rust-proof

5. Isafish Fly Reel (5/6) | Best Budget-Friendly Reel

Isafish Fly Reel (5/6)
Isafish Fly Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 7.5 ounces
Materials:Composite plastic
Diameter:3.4 inches
Line Weight:5/6

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly fly fishing reel, then you’re in luck. The Isafish Fly Reel (5/6) is the perfect option for casual fishermen who only want to go a few times a year. Why spend loads of cash if you don’t have to? This product is inexpensive, but it still boasts quite a few impressive traits.

For example, it comes with a rugged disk drag to put more pressure on the fish and less on you. It basically does the job for you without taking the fun out of it. It has high-quality plastics throughout the internals, giving you a lightweight model that’ll last for a while. There’s also a right-to-left retrieval switch to let you fish with either hand.

If you like the sound of this product’s details, then you can choose from Green & Orange, Yellow & Orange, or Blue & Yellow. It also comes with a tight, zero-deviation spool to prevent it from sliding around when you’re fishing.

  • Perfect price point for beginners
  • Great size for medium fish
  • Zero room for the spool to move around
  • Made with plastic rather than aluminum
  • Slightly heavier than others

6. Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Reel (7-9)

Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor
Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 4.54 ounces
Materials:Die cast metal
Diameter:3.75 inches
Line Weight:4/6, 7/9

The Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Reel (7-9) is one of the largest fly fishing reels that you’ll come across. If you’re someone who’s been searching for a model that’s slightly bulkier than the average reel, then you’re going to love what’s in store with this product. It’s easy to use and as comfortable as it gets.

One reason that so many people love this reel is the fact that it ranges from 7wt to 9wt, which is larger than the average line weight range. It’s still an ultralight fishing rod despite the line weight itself. You can catch fairly decent sized fish with ease thanks to the positive click drag knob that maintains the same consistency around the clock. It also prevents the line from skipping.

You can quickly convert this reel from left-handed usage to right-handed-usage, making it a top option for nearly everyone. Even the powdered gray coating is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it blends in with the environment.

  • Wide range for the line weight
  • Bulkier than the average fly fishing reel
  • Easy to switch from left-hand to right-hand usage
  • Too big for people with small hands

7. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel (5/6)

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel
Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel (Image: Amazon)
Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
Materials:Treated aluminum
Diameter:3.35 inches
Line Weight:5/6, 7/8

Last but certainly not least on the list is the Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel. This reel is relatively cheap and durable compared to others of its caliber. It looks incredibly flashy, which is a huge bonus for people who want to have a nice setup. The gold and silver aluminum are a perfect combination for any rod and reel combo.

If you’ve been searching for a freshwater reel for fly fishing, it doesn’t get much simpler than this one. While the appearance might be fancy, there isn’t too much of a learning curve for beginners. It’s super lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it an ideal choice for casual fishermen.

Since it’s a 5/6wt, this model is perfect for the average fish. You don’t have to worry about not having the right size, and it works with the bulk of lines on the market. It’s treated for weather and corrosion as well to lengthen the overall lifespan.

  • Flashy gold and silver appearance
  • Made out of durable materials
  • Perfect for most fish
  • Made for left-handed users only (which may or may not be a con for you)

How to Pick Out the Best Cheap Fly Reel for You

Now that you’ve gone through all of the best fly fishing reels under 100, you can start figuring out which one is meant for you. Materials, diameter, and multiple other traits can help determine whether you should pick one over another. With this quick buyer’s guide, you can easily find your perfect match!

Piscifun Sword Fly reel


The most common materials used in fly fishing reels are composite plastic, die cast metal, and aluminum. Aluminum is usually the best choice, especially if it’s treated for saltwater usage and anti-corrosion. Die cast metal is incredibly durable at the cost of an extra half an ounce or so. Finally, composite plastics are ultralight weight, but they don’t last as long as the others. If you’re a casual fisherman who only goes a few times a year, composite plastic will do just fine.

Line Weight

Typically speaking, bigger line weight results in bigger fish-catching opportunities. There’s no reason to get a 9/10wt if you’re working with trout and other small fish. That being said, you couldn’t do much more than tiny fishing with a 2/3wt. Determining which fish you’re going after will help you figure out the best line weight for you. The average choice for most users is a 5wt since it works for the average fish. Small fish will be a breeze, while you can still take on a few medium and large ones without too much of a fight.

Fly fishing reel diameter


The diameter of your fly fishing reel all depends on what’s comfortable to you. People with big hands generally go for 3.5 inches or more, while people with small hands tend to stick around 3.2 inches to 3.4 inches. Again, this is based on personal preference. Try a few out and see which one works best for you! And don’t forget to see if the reel is left-handed or right-handed. Some of them can switch back and forth, so keep an eye out for those gems when you get the opportunity. Good luck!

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