The 12 Best Boot Dryers


You spend all day fishing, working outdoors, slopping through the rain puddles during a downpour or through hills of snow during the winter months. Once you’re indoors, you take off your shoes and warm up your feet, forgetting about the conditions your boots just weathered. 

The next time you put your boots on, you discover that they’re still sopping wet from the outdoors, resulting in discomfort in your feet and wet socks. Boot dryers are designed to solve this very problem, and in this article, we will give you a rundown of the best boot dryers on the market today!

Our Top 12 Boot Dryers:

No matter if you’re a hiker who uses their boots to trek through forests or you work outdoors in your garden after a rainstorm, wet boots are bound to happen. If you wear your boots daily for work, leaving your boots wet can prove to be an issue quickly as you put your dry, socked feet into damp boots.

And even if you don’t wear your boots often, and simply leave your wet boots to air dry for the next time you use them, you’re still facing another issue. Boots that are left wet can end up with damaged material and a shorter life for your boots. 

Boot dryers are designed to quickly dry wet boots to increase the lifespan of your shoes and protect the material’s integrity. Here are a few of the top-rated boot warmers to keep your favorite pair of boots or shoes dry and water-damage free: 

1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

This boot dryer can dry 2 pairs of boots at one time. With 4 forced air tubes, you can dry your wet boots and soaked gloves at the same time. This boot dryer is great for just about any shoe you need to put on it, and it’s capable of holding shoes, socks, gloves, and more.

This device comes with 2, 12-inch extensions drying just about any boot you own. Heating up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, this boot dryer will dry pretty much any clothing item you place on it, in about one to two hours, giving you just enough time to warm up before getting back to your outdoor chores. If you spend a lot of time outside in wet or snowy weather, this boot dryer is a must-have.

What we like:

  • Heats up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit: This allows for a quick and effective dry time, removing all excess water from your boots.
  • Has 4 warming tubes for multiple items: Kids love to play in the snow, and with the 4 tubes, you can quickly dry multiple pairs of shoes or gloves to get them back outdoors.
  • Whisper quiet blowers: With their whisper-quiet rotary blowers, this machine will not create any distractions or annoying sounds while doing its job.
  • Helps to eliminate odor: Quickly drying the boots after being wet will eliminate the effects of mildew and mold that will eventually result in an unpleasant smell.
  • Helps to reduce bacteria build-up: Its high temperature and quick dry time will kill the bacteria in the boot reducing the wear on the fabric and keeping the boot from any water damage.
  • Comes equipped with extensions for larger boots: Cowboy boots, work boots, and mid-calf heels — this boot warmer is able to dry them all. No matter what your shoe style of choice is, DryGuy’s boot dryer will have you covered. 

2. Peet Original Two Shoe Electric Dryer

Peet Original Two Shoe Electric Dryer

This electric boot dryer is fantastic for the work boot or cleat. Its simple 2-hose dryer is created to dry your shoes in a 3 to 8-hour period with an efficient and energy-saving technique. The heat starts from the base of the tube, slowly moving up and then back down throughout the tube, distributing an even amount of heat and dryness.

After a long day of work or a well-played soccer game in the rain, throw your shoes on the dryer and overnight and you will have fresh dry shoes for the next day. It will not only warm up your boots, but this shoe dryer eliminates the odor and damage-causing moisture in an energy-efficient and quiet way. This boot dryer uses less electric power than a larger shoe dryer but has the same quiet technology.

If you are shopping around for a boot warmer to guarantee a warm foot in the mornings, Peet’s two shoe dryer will not disappoint.

What we like:

  • 25-year warranty: Peet’s is so convinced their product is one of the best, they offer a 25-year warranty for your peace of mind. If this shoe dryer is used as directed, you are covered throughout the life of many pairs of shoes.
  • Prevents mold and mildew: Peet’s electric boot dryer will eliminate the soaked-in moisture and dampness from your shoe’s material, protecting it from damage caused by mold and mildew.
  • Safe for most materials: Practically any shoe or clothing material you can get wet, this shoe dryer can dry. Safe for most materials including leather, vinyl, and fleece.
  • Energy Efficient: Easily fitting into any standard home’s voltage base at 110-120 current, you can plug this machine into any room and it will use less energy than the common shoe dryer, but dry it just the same.

3. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Shoe, Glove Dryer

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Shoe, Glove Dryer

If you need a glove dryer that is quick and convenient, you need MaxxDry. This heavy-duty electric boot dryer is one of the quickest and most efficient shoe dryers on the market today. Drying almost any shoe or garment in an hour, you don’t have to wait before jumping in more puddles.

The MaxxDry Heavy-duty dryer is not only known for its quick drying time, but also for its ability to quickly dry just about any garment you have. From your leather loafers to your large black nylon gloves, most materials you own will be safe with this product.

As with the other boot dryers in our review, this boot dryer will eliminate odor-causing bacteria, keeping your boots and garments smelling fresh.

What we like:

  • One-hour dry time: With the hustle and bustle found in our daily lives, the quicker a product works, the better. Productivity is delayed when waiting for boots to dry, and with MaxxDry, you won’t have to worry about losing hours of your day. If you have to get back to work after a hard-earned lunch break, your boots and gloves will be ready when you are.
  • Options for mild or no heat: Some materials can shrink, harden, or even crack with too much heat. For those more delicate items, this shoe dryer offers setting options for a milder heat or no heat, air-drying your shoes safely.
  • 3-hour timer: During busy days, you can’t just sit around and watch your boots dry until they’re ready. Manually turning a boot dryer off is inconvenient, and with this boot dryer, you won’t have to worry about overdrying your shoes. This boot dryer has a 3-hour timer to perfectly dry your boots without overdrying or hiking up your electric bill.

4. DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves the snow, hiking during the winter months, or participating in winter sports, then the DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots is your best bet! 

With the rotating drying airports, you can slide your snow-soaked boots, gloves, and socks over the tubes for a quick and easy dry, or lay the ports flat down to dry the heavier items like your snow or ski boots. Either setting is perfect for your everyday needs. With the quick 1 to 2 hour dry time, you will be back on the slopes in no time with dry toes, warm hands, and ready for adventures.

What we like:

  • Adjustable airports: Have you ever tried to stand a snow boot straight up on its foot hole? If not, you do not know how much of a hassle drying these boots can be. Having the capability of laying the boots flat to dry will make it stress-free.
  • Quick-dry time: Getting your shoes, boots, gloves, and hats dried in a decent amount of time can make or break a fun time out. This product offers 1 to 2-hour dry time keeping you on schedule.
  • Safe to use: This shoe dryer will not shrink, warp, or harm any of your garments, even the most delicate. 

5. Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer

This shoe dryer was prepared with smart technology to dry your boots, shoes, and clothing in the most efficient amount of time, and with just the right amount of heat. With multiple temperature adjustments, you can have your boots and gloves dried within 20 minutes.

One issue with work boots, snow boots, and dress boots are that they can warm up your feet, causing them to sweat. This boot dryer dries up the sweat and moisture that causes the common shoe stench before it has a chance to stink up your boots. 

What we like:

  • 20 Minute dry time: Being able to dry your boots, hats, and gloves in a short amount of time gets you back into your boots and out the door.
  • Intelligent time: With the 99-minute, built-in smart timer, you can adjust the duration of dry time according to your specific needs.
  • Adjustable settings: Due to the 90-degree adjustable stands, you can dry any size boot or shoe you have in your closet. This electric boot warmer is great for a long boot or an ankle boot.

6. JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. That’s how we feel about JobSites Original boot and shoe dryer. The slow-release, yet consistent flow of low heat, allows boots, shoes, and accessories to dry overnight without the worry of overheating and ruining them.

With this boot warmer, you can let your little ones play in the rain after dinner in the same pair of shoes they will need to wear the next morning to school. You won’t have to worry about them being wet, smelly, or getting worn out because the warm air drying technique will reduce the moisture and the bacteria that will make your shoes smelly or damaged.

What we like:

  • Convectional air: With the thermal convection air that circulates through the boots, your boots will naturally dry without overheating. 
  • You can take it anywhere: This electric boot dryer runs off of the average 120-volt outlet commonly used in most homes and businesses. That means you can have the dryer in every location you are including, camping, skiing, or simply at home.
  • Trusted brand: JobSite has been a trusted company for many years, having a reliable brand gives you a sense of security knowing you bought a reputable product. 

7. LAVIEAIR Boot Dryer


Do you like to play in the rain, or walk near the beach? Have you taken to ice skating in the winter? All these activities are a ton of fun, but also create soggy socks and soaked shoes. This can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

The LAVIEAIR boot dryer was made for these specific situations. Drying with warm air rather than hot, you know your boots are going to be warmed up and dried to perfection, without being ruined. Offering dry times from 0 -180 minutes, you can decide how much time is right to dry your specific item. The timed shut off will make sure the time you set the dryer for is the only amount of time your boots will be under heat.

What we like:

  • 4 tubes and brackets: With their 4 tubes and bracket design, you can dry 2 pairs of shoes at a time. You can dry your ice skates, winter boots, and glove simultaneously or dry your snow boots and slippers together.
  • 250-watt heating coil: This electric boot dryer is equipped with a 250-watt heating coil that gives you warm air rather than hot air, getting your garments dried quickly but not dangerously. This boot dryer is safe for almost every material.
  • Cuts out odor: Drying your shoes quickly and efficiently, this shoe dryer is going to rapidly rid the moisture forming in your shoes that would otherwise leave behind a horrible odor in the material of your boots. 

8. KOODER Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, Foot Dryer

KOODER Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, Foot Dryer

Unlike the previously mentioned boot dryers, Kooders boot dryer is designed for use while on the go. This shoe dryer is both portable and easy to store, making it ideal for those who only need a boot dryer during the winter months or for special occasions such as hiking or camping trips. 

With 360-degree heat distribution, you simply slip the dryer pair into each boot and allow them to work their magic. To eliminate built-up sweat, slip these into your work boots and in an hour the sweat and any possible odor will be gone. They are even the perfect shape to warm up your frozen toes if you feel so inclined. We recommend KOODER’s uniquely designed shoe dryer for use with boots and virtually any type of shoe.

What we like:

  • Portable design: These shoe warmers are designed for space-saving, time, saving, and convenience.
  • 360-degree Heating: With air ducts in multiple directions, this product can efficiently distribute heat throughout your shoes.
  • High-quality cables: Made with high-quality cables you don’t have to worry about the cord breaking or snapping. Withstanding 20kg pull strength the chances of this product accidentally coming unplugged is not likely. 

9. DryGuy Travel Dry Boot and Shoe Dryer and Warmer

DryGuy Travel Dry Boot and Shoe Dryer and Warmer

This portable shoe dryer is perfect for on the go, quick jobs. Drying up a sweat after a morning working in the rain or cleaning out moisture from running from your car into your office in a storm. These quick little guys can dry up the moisture before it turns into odor.

DryGuy’s travel boot dryer was designed with minimal watts, creating just enough heat to dry up the moisture in your shoes without too much heat that may potentially cause damage to the shoe’s material. This is a great product to keep in your glovebox or workbench.

What we like:

  • Compact size: Having a compact design, this boot warmer is ideal for a road trip, hunting outing, or hike. Being able to take a boot dryer anywhere you go is convenient and simple.
  • Minimal watt usage: Using a small watt source, this device is great to do a quick warm-up of your shoes without creating hassle.
  • Open framed design: With the open-framed airport design, you get a constant flow of air throughout the boot.
  • Affordable: At almost half the cost of the larger units, this portable boot warmer is affordable for any budget. 

10. Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes & More

Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes & More

This unique design is eco-friendly, saving you time and money using the heat from your house to dry your boots and shoes. This shoe dryer holds up to 8 pieces, allowing you to dry hats, gloves, sneakers, and your boots at the same time.

You simply place this product over your heating vents in your home or office and you’re done! The heat coming from the vents will filter through the clothing drying it while warming your room. This is great for traveling or the office.

What we like:

  • Convenience: Without having to plug this device in or pay attention to how long it’s on, you can simply place your boots on the boot dryer and forget it.
  • 6 tube holders: With 6 standing tubes, you can dry up to 3 pairs of boots or shoes at a time. This is perfect for families.
  • 100% guaranteed: This product is backed up with a lifetime warranty. The Green Glove Dryer brand wants you to know you are getting a high-quality product that will last you forever. 

11. DryGuy Dry Rack Boot & Glove Dryer

DryGuy Dry Rack Boot & Glove Dryer

This boot dryer is not just a dryer but also a rack. You can warm up your shoes and store them too. Offering 3 different ways to mount this device, DryGuy developed an amazing multi-functioning boot drying system.

Hang it on the wall of your mudroom or let it stand free in your kitchen. This shoe dryer will fit into almost any decor and make the heater barely even noticeable. With the energy-efficient 7.5-watt system, you can have warm shoes every time you put them on.

What we like:

  • 3 mount positions: With the capability of mounting this on the wall, attaching it to the floor, or allowing it to free stand, you can use this product just about anywhere.
  • No moving parts: You don’t have to worry about it being knocked around or losing pieces. Once you put this product in place, it’s ready to go.
  • 7.5 watts: Producing a warm 7.5 watts per boot, you will get a nice dry shoe every time without having to worry about too much heat filtering throughout the shoes. 

12. ROK Industries Fast and Silent Two-Shoe Electric Boot Dryer

ROK Industries Fast and Silent Two-Shoe Electric Boot Dryer

This 2 pair boot drying system is ideal for everyday use. Whether wet from the rain or damp from sweat, you can plug in the ROK electric boot dryer and know for certain that your boots will dry efficiently. This product is designed without any annoying sounds coming from the heater, so you won’t be bothered by any noise.

You can use this electric boot dryer on almost any type of shoe without worrying that it will be ruined. The tubes stand 16 inches tall, making this ideal for all types of boots.

What we like:

  • 16-inch tubes: With 16-inch tubes, this product is great for cowboy boots or thigh-high heels.
  • 36-watt heating: Their 36-watt heating element allows for a quick, even dry throughout your shoes, giving you evenly dried pairs simultaneously.
  • Quick-drying power: Because of its thick drying power, this boot dryer eliminates mold and mildew build-up that could potentially ruin your shoes.


Our top 12 list is compiled of some of the best boot dryers on the market today. We feel this list offers the perfect option for just about every person and need. The feeling of soggy socks and sopping wet shoes is annoying, to say the least. With any one of these boot dryers, you can say goodbye to wet smelly shoes and hello to warm toes in every situation.