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Tin Shad Darts
Since some states are restricting the use of lead fishing lures and weights, I am now offering environmentally friendly 100% tin shad darts. The tin is more expensive and the molding process is much more difficult, so they will be more expensive, and I will not inventory large quantities. When possible I will make custom tin darts. The tin will not discolor like the lead, so a plain tin dart has a shiny silver color which is good for fishing. They weigh about 65% as much as a comparable lead dart. 
1/5 oz. Tin Pudgy Darts
Type Code 
Price: .75 Ea. 
Head Colors Available: Silver(unpainted), Green, Red, Pink Chartreuse - powder paint. This is Dart #21 from the Dart Chart.  #1 Bronze hook. Specify color when ordering.

Tin Dart Special (Type Code TINSP21) - 2 of each pictured above. 10 Tin Darts 1/5 oz. no requests for color changes.

Price : $7.00 


1/50 oz. Tin Micro Darts
Type Code 
Price: $1.00 Ea. 
Colors Available: Orange, Pink, Gray/Chartreuse, Chartreuse/Green, White/Red - powder paint. This is Dart #7 from the Dart Chart.  #6 & #8 gold hooks. Specify color when ordering.

Limited supply - Email for availability

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