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Removable Lead Split Shot Sinkers
Unlike most stores that have their split shot pre-packaged, here you can buy exactly how many you want of each size and not be forced to purchase sizes you never use. Also some of the large sizes are not available at many stores. Each size you purchase will be bagged separately and labeled. Please indicate sizes with the type code XX when you place your order. Supplies of some sizes are limited. Please email for availability. Due to high demand, lack of availability, and high lead prices I have had to up my prices. Sorry. There may be an extra charge for the heavy weight of the lead depending on the size of your order plus the normal flat rate S/H charge. 

Prices are: Size 1 - 12 cents each
                    Size 2 - 12 cents each
                    Size 4 - 10 cents each  
                    Size 7 - 8 cents each
Not for sale in California. Check your state fishing regulations. Some other states may not allow use of lead sinkers for fishing, but they can be purchased for other purposes. Please obey fishing regulations regarding use of lead where ever you are fishing.  Sorry no discount for high volume purchases. Handling lead can be hazardous to your health. 

Split Shot  size conversion site
Gram to oz. conversion

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