Slim Jim Darts
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The Slim Jim dart ( dart # 16 on dart chart) is a small dart that is much thinner than a regular shad dart. When viewed from the end, it is oval rather than round like most darts (See picture below). The lead part of the dart measures 5/8" and the overall length including the hook is a hair over 1". It weighs only 1/10 oz. and is best fished with light line or a split shot. It is an excellent choice for a two-dart rig, which has more weight for casting. This dart has proved to be very effective especially late in the season when the fish get finicky. Don't forget shad darts work very well on many other species of fish, not just shad.  Colors as described and pictured below. These darts are hand painted with 4 coats of paint. Only the head color is dipped. A smaller version of this dart (dart #17) is also available. Check for availability and colors.
Type Code SJD
Price: 45 cents each plus S/H 
Slim Jim Special (Type Code SJDS) Includes 24 Slim Jim darts in a variety of colors (No requests).
Price:  $10.00 plus S/H.
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Slim Jim Colors as pictured below (Actual colors may vary from picture):

 Row #1 L to R - White, chartreuse, chartreuse/red, chartreuse/orange, chartreuse/green, dark green/black

Row #2 L to R - White/red, white/green, gold, orange, orange/black, pink.

Row #3 L to R - Pearl, pearl/orange, pearl/flo. pink, pearl/red, pink/red, pink/black.

Row #4 L to R - Flo. pink, flo. pink/black, yellow, yellow/dark green, yellow/red, gold/red.
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