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In the past I had questionnaires on my site to gather shad fishing information, and I conducted a drawing for free lures for participants. Now I am replacing my questionnaires with  easier to complete shad fishing surveys. A drawing for free lures will still be held, so please complete the online surveys by clicking the links below. A valid email address is required to be entered in the drawing.  If the ad for Monkeysurvey comes up, you have already taken the survey. Each survey can only be entered once. I will post any significant results from the surveys. Each survey is limited to 100 participants. 
Hickory Shad
SHAD QUICK COMMUNICATOR - Just type message and press Submit button. Please identify yourself and include email address to get reply. Enter key will not send message. REMEMBER YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO PLACE AN ORDER OR GET A REPLY.
Started 1/1/05

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Shad Fishing Survey - 2012
Best Colors for shad fishing lures survey.
Results of Color survey shown below
Items over 9 are shown vertically in boxes.
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