Features & Specs:

8' Noodle rod IMF Graphite
2 piece rod
straight cork handle (no pistol grip)                              
fuji eyes (6 eyes plus tip)
4 - 8lb test line
1/16 - 3/8 oz. lures
Manufacturers Warranty

Rod Price: $35.00 - Add $5.00 to cover the cost of the reusable PVC use in shipment.  S/H will vary from normal rates depending on the postal zone. Email for rate.

Special Combo -  8' Vertex Noodle Rod and Pinnacle Extant EX30 Spinning Reel  - Price $75.00 - Will be shipped in two packages. The rod S/H will be figured as indicated above. The reel and anything else included in the order will be covered under the normal S/H rates. 

Email to get exact S/H costs based on your zip code.

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Woo's Lures
For many years I have been using a short 8’  noodle rod for my shad fishing. I have gotten to like the set up so much that I now use it for striper fishing and pond fishing as well. My choice is the 8’ vertex noodle rod from Pinnacle. It works great, and you don't have to spend a fortune to purchase it.  I have decided to offer this rod for sale on Woo’s Lures at a discounted price along with a perfect sized Pinnacle Extant spinning reel.
Pinnacle Vertex 8' Noodle Rod

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