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I have been selling resurrection plants for a few years at a local farm market. Since it is such a popular item, I have decided to offer it for sale on my website. It is a novelty plant and makes a good gift. Children especially enjoy the fast reaction of the plant to a supply of water. In less than 24 hours the plant goes from a dried up ball to a green plant. An amazing feat by Mother Nature.

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S/H - Shipping and Handling Rates

These rates apply to all resurrection plant purchases except if plants are included with a shallot or Woo's Lures order. In that case the S/H rates for shallots or Woo's Lures will apply. 
I will not ship out of the continental U.S.

I charge a flat rate based upon the total amount of the order excluding any taxes. Mass. residents must add 6.25% sales tax to the order total. 

Order Size                      S/H
0 to $12.00                   $ 5.00
$12.01 - 40.00              $ 7.95
$40.01 to $50.00         $ 9.10
$50.01 to $100.00       $11.10
$100.01 and more      $12.00

Available for residential pick up at South Orleans, MA to avoid S/H

To place orders by email click the button at the right. Return email will provide availability and payment instructions. I accept checks, money orders, or Paypal.
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The picture and video are provided to show you how these plant look and grow. I offer no guarantee that the ones I sell will be exactly the same, but they will be similar.
Common Names: Resurrection Plant, Rose of Jericho, Siempre Viva (meaning everlasting).
Scientific Name: Selaginella lepidophylla

Because of this plant’s ability to cope with an extremely dry environment for long periods of time and come to life rapidly when water is available, it is a great novelty plant for everyone to enjoy. Fun for the kids!

Instructions: Place the dried up plant in a bowl of water and within several hours you will see the plant start to open and change color. Within 24 hours it will be fully open, green and lacey. It may be planted in a pot and grown. If kept in a bowl of water, the water should be changed every few days so the plant will not get rancid. If you remove the plant from the water and let it dry out, it will return to its original state – dry and dead looking. It can be brought back to life over and over again by putting it in water. These plants have been known to lay dormant for 50 years and still come back to life when water is added. 

Price: $4.00 each plus S/H       Currently sold out, sorry.
Special: 3 for $10.00
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