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Bullet Darts

These darts are a new bullet design. The #30 dart is especially suitable for salt water applications for fluke, stripers, weakfish, and many southern species. Its smooth round design is similar to the very popular fat belly dart. More difficult to mold and are therefore a little more expensive. 

Unpainted Price: Not available
Custom Painted Price: 75 cents each plus S/H - All sizes email for availability

Bullet dart special - TYPE CODE SDBULSP - This special includes 20 bullet darts in a variety of color combinations. You get 5 of each size. (No requests). 
Price: $14.00 plus S/H   No longer available

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started 1/20/08
#6 gold aberdeen hook
(Available in #8 & #10)
#4 gold aberdeen hook
#1 gold aberdeen hook
#1/0 gold aberdeen hook
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