Temperature conversions:

To convert °F to °C
( Farenheit to Celcius )
Substract 32,
multiply by 5 and
then divide by 9
To convert °C to °F
( Celcius to Farenheit )
multiply by 9,
divide by 5 and
then add 32

The movement of shad up the river, their willingness to bite, and their spawning activities are closely affected by the water temperature. The purpose of this page is to help fishermen plan their fishing activities by knowing the temperature at different locations on the river. Usually fishing improves as the temperature gets over 50 degrees (10 degrees Celcius), and shad begin to spawn at 65 degrees. I solicit your help in providing temperatures if you take a thermometer with you to the river. Please email me or make an entry on the fishing reports page.  Please give me the Date, Time, Location, and Temp. I and others who reference this page will appreciate your help. Below I will provide any links I find that provide timely temperatures. If you find any such sites please pass them along. Thank you.

LINKS: (some only report air temps)

Trenton Water Temp in Celcius
Trenton Water Temp 30 day chart.
Lackawaxen River near Barryville, NY
Delaware Water Gap - Air temp. chart
Potomac near Washington DC  
VA Roanoke and James River  
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