I will now make custom  sickle shad darts. Please email me with your requirements, and I will give you a quote. I also have a Sickle dart special for 12 new sickle hook darts that are more expensive to make than darts with normal hooks. These Matzuo hooks are new and are designed  to hook and hold better than conventional hooks. They are very sharp. Selection will include both gold and red sickle hooks. The red colored sickle hooks are becoming popular since they seem to attract the fish better. You will get a variety of dart types, sizes, and colors. Darts will range from 1/16 to 1/4 oz. sizes. The special will be similar to the picture below, but may vary somewhat.
Woo's Lures
Sickle Shad Darts
Sickle Dart Special: 12 Darts mix sizes and colors
Price:$ 6.00 Plus S/H
Custom sickle darts can be made from .55 to .70. Email specifications for a quote.