Supporting Woo's Websites
I have always born the expense of running my websites and in the early days with many free website hosting and service companies it was not much of a financial burden. However, now many of these free service companies have either gone out of business or have started charging for their services. Also, their charges seem to be increasing every year. I am not soliciting for donations as some site owners do, but your support would be appreciated in the following ways:

- Surf around and visit all my sites from

- Participate by leaving fishing reports on my reports page.

- Make purchases through my Woo' s Lures Site or BE$T BUY$

- Make internet purchases by accessing the site you want to purchase from via a Google search window on one of my pages. I will get a Google credit.

- Put a link to my site on your own website.

- Join my Banner Swapping plan.

- Communicate problems on my site such as misspellings, bad links, etc.

- Participate in any questionnaires or polls I may present.

- Click on advertiser banners on my site to see what is offered. Samples of such banner are on bottom of this page.

- Click google ads and use google search windows on my site pages.

- Check out my eBay auctions under the name "woofish".

- Tell your friends about my websites. "" is very easy to remember.

- Add my site to your favorites or bookmarks.

- If you like one of my pages, send it to a friend. Click on file in your browser, then click send   then send by email. Very easy.

- Join the Shad Nuts mailing list. Just email me.

- Support the practice of Catch and Release Fishing.

- Give me suggestions to improve my sites.

- Send pictures or other information to be included.

- Submit classified ads to Classifieds.

- Purchase banner space on my sites. Only 3 prime spots are available. Email me.

- Come back to my site frequently. I make frequent changes which are marked with NEW.

I greatly enjoy running my websites and will always continue the best I can. My biggest reward is providing something people find useful and enjoyable and making many good friends. Your communications are always appreciated. I try to give back to my supporters by providing good products at low prices, frequent special sales, free giveaways, and free prompt answers
to your questions. I thank you all for the support you have given me in the past.


This page was last updated on: February 10, 2008
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