My thanks to you guys for submitting pictures of the high river conditions. If we can't take pictures of fish, we can at least look at the river longingly. Check out some great flood pictures at www.birdmanpaul.com. Most were taken in April 2005.
Thanks to Shadski for submitting the picture above taken at the Lehigh fish ladder in Easton on 3/30/05 at 7am. Any fish in the ladder? If they are, they have frost bite. More of same location below.
Thanks to John ? for submitting the 3 picture above taken at the Conowingo Dam on 3/29/05.  Now that is some muddy high water! No wonder no one is submitting fish catches.
3 Pictures above of the Cashie River in Windsor, North Carolina. Taken 3/25/05 with water high, overcast day, 52 degrees, and slow. Beautiful eastern North Carolina town. Persons fishing from the bank in the  downtown. Submitted by Gary Hicks.

3 Pictures above of Delaware River submitted by Shadski.
Pic no.12_2 is looking up leigh river, at the dam, yes the dam is under. Pic no.21 is looking up Delaware river from confluence of del&lehigh rivers, boat ramp in phillipsburg nj under bridge. Pic 19 looking down del river Easton PA. Pic 15_2 is the fish ladder on Lehigh River.
This photo was taken at Lambertville at 4pm on 4-3-05. River is to crest in Easton at 2am 4-4-05. Where are the shad?   Riverwolf
3 pictures above of Milford Beach area taken on 4/5/05. Thanks for your contribution Dave (Homeslice).
The five pictures above are of Conowingo Dam and Deer Creek area. Water is very high and the Susquhanna is muddy as all get out. Deer creek has some stain but will be fishable if the fish ever get there. I only saw one fish caught and I think it was a mud shad. The pictures of the dam are pretty much self explainatory. Pouring mud from the overflow gates looks like 25+ gates open. Water Temps are around 50. Fish should be there but not that I saw. Maybe this weekend in the creek but very dangerous to fish the mouth of deer creek. One step and you will be in 10 ft of water. Pictures from John 4/7/05. Thanks for the visual
report,  John.
Above 2 pictures are before and after pictures of Milford beach access road taken by Dave Banks. Thanks Homeslice!
3 pictures above during the flood taken by Dave Banks show the tree on the Delaware Water Gap tree on the ramp, flooded recreation building, and the Kittatinny sign. Once again thanks Homeslice.