I have found pictures on the internet to be helpful for identification purposes as well
dressing up my web pages.  Kids enjoy looking at them, and like anything else, it is a
learning experience for them. I have assembled pictures of many of the species that
fishermen pursue, and have listed other sites where pictures and information can be
found. I hope you find this collection of value. See quiz at bottom of page.
See links below.
         Index of Pictures
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Amberjack Page 2
American Shad Page 6
Black Drum Page 2
Blacktip Shark Page 2
Blowfish (Puffer) Page 5
Bluefish Page 1
Bluegill Sunny Page 6
Blue Runner Page 7
Brook Trout  Page 7
Brown Trout  Page 7
Bunker (Moss Bunker,  Manhaden)  Page 6
Channel Bass (Red Drum, Redfish) Page 5
Cobia Page 4
Crappie Page 6
Croaker Page 4
Dogfish Page 2
Dolphin Page 7
Dusky Shark Page 4
Eel Page 3
Fluke or Flounder (Summer) Page 1
Flounder (Winter)  Page 6
Hammerhead Shark Page 2
Hickory Shad Page 6
Jack Crevalle Page 2
Kingfish Page 3
King Mackeral Page 5
Little Tunny Page 1
Lizzardfish Page 5
Oyster Cracker (Toadfish) Page 5
Pigfish Page 5
Pompano Page 3
Pumpkinseed Sunny Page 6
Red Drum (Redfish, Channel Bass) Page 5
Sailfish Page 7
Sand dab Page 6
Sea Robin Page 1
Sea Trout Page 5
Sheepshead Page 5
Skate Page 4
Smallmouth Bass Page 3
Spot Page 4
Spadefish (Anglefish) Page 4
Spanish Mackeral Page 3
Striped Bass Page 1 & Page 3
Tarpon Page 1
Walleye Page 7
Weakfish Page 2

Check links below if you don't find the fish you want.
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission - Fish ID's
Field and Stream
All things fish
Fish Finder
Karen Ann II species guide New

Do you know the differance between a fluke (Right) and a flounder (Left). The fluke looks to the left while the flounder looks to the right. Both fish have their
eyes on one side. When the fish are young one eye migrates to the top of the fish. The fluke gets much larger than the flounder.