It is a sad thing that I feel there is reason to even have such a family page. In many families there are certain individuals that because of their behavior do not deserve normal family status. These entries are solely my opinion and unlike our "Wonderful" President Clinton these individuals have not been given their day in our Family Court. Nevertheless, I feel these individuals deserve being so identified because of their past behavior.

MAURICE PEABODY - He fraudulently mishandled his Mother's money for his own benefits.

ROBERT WRIGHT "SKIPPER" GUNDLACH - Like Maurice before him, Skipper also mishandled money from the Krisanda estate which was intended for care of his father and mother. At times he made his mother grovel for what was due her, and he defiantly resisted his brothers' and sister's attempt to get him to handle the estate properly. Eventually, his control of the estate was taken from him by a court in Morristown, NJ. The judge indicated Skipper was lucky criminal charges were not pressed against him. Sadly for his family Skip died in 2007 from cancer

JUDITH W. ZILLESSEN LAWSON - Like Maurice and Skipper before her, she was an unnatural child that disregarded and was disloyal to her mother and family alike. 

JANENE DOLANSKY GROVES -Janene's compulsive buying behavior, compulsion for possessions, poor financial business practices, love for wasting money on lawyers in the pursuit of unjust interests, failure to honor promises regarding handling of finances and Michael's pursuit of art, and infidelity were too much for him to take. (Janene's infidelity has resulted in her giving birth to children prior to the resolution of the divorce and obviously without a legitimate father). Michael's wife Janene and her parents proved to be very slimy and uncooperative in their dealing with Michael when their marriage headed for divorce resulting in what has been a very drawn out, malicious, expensive, and nasty divorce process.


RICHARD SPITZLEI - A friend does not lie to his best friend.