Woo's Lures
Custom Glitter spoons and Darts
For some time I have been making  and using my darts and spoons with glitter added to increase visibility and effectiveness. They do seem to work pretty well, so I have decided to offer them to my customers on a custom order basis. Prices will be in the $.80 - $1.20 range depending on specifications requested. All glitter spoons will be sold with split rings. Glitter can be applied on just the inside or on both sides. Clear coat is sprayed on top of the glitter to help it stay on the spoon. Two color spoons are doable. Just let me know what you would like, and I will give you a quote. Because this is a messy and time consuming process I charge a $3.00 set up fee for all custom orders with glitter. In the future I plan to have some glitter spoons inventoried in set colors which can be purchased without the set up fee. Please email for details.
PRICE: By quote including $3.00 setup fee