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12/19/09 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all from Cape Cod.
12/07/06 - Welcome to my new Family and Friends page. For those of you that don't know me as "Woo" my name is Peter Groves. I hope this new site will be an improvement over the old site. For those of you who  liked the old site I am sorry but I had to delete it to make room for the new site.  I will try to keep things as current as possible on the new site, but sometimes other priorities such as fishing get in the way. For this I apologize. Your input is always appreciated and helpful. Providing pictures or information on the news guest book is one way you can help keep the site current and more interesting. The site is password protected. The same password as was used before will work. Email me if you want the PW. Email Woo.


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1/26/2010 Diane Lawrence died
1/8/10 Jim and Sue married
9/15/09 Arlie Andrews' 100th Birthday.

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What a wonderful wedding. 1/8/10.Our congratulations to the happy couple. All picture are posted on Flickr . Family tree at bottom of page
<---------Here it is
Diane Hunt Lawrence 4/30/1932 - 1/26/2010
What a wonderful lady we have lost!
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Jan. 26, 2010)