Trip to  Deer Creek Park and Conowingo Dam 4/8/04
WG was nice enough to give an old Man, Woo a guided tour with some fishing in Maryland. We were accompanied by a well mannered accomplished 7 year old Fisherman, WG's son Will. We had a great day and even caught over 20 hickory shad between us.  The cold water slowed up the bite, but there were lots of shad to be had.  Below are some pictures from our day on the water. Thanks for the guided tour.

WG's, father and son showing off Will's fish. Taken by the Deer Creek RR bridge.
Woo did catch a few, but notice I always get the small ones. This picture was taken after I did a face plant into the rocks. No serious injury, but I felt a little woosy for a while. Get that one? Woosy! That's what happens when you get old, and the legs stop working properly. My Tour guides helped me out. Thanks guys.
WG's fishing the rock by the boat ramp. We took a few hickories there.
Bob Kastsnagger with an unusual catch. A quill back carp sucker. Nice catch Bob!
Rocky point off of the boat ramp. 95 bridge in background.
A couple of shots of the Conowingo dam