Woo's Lures

Clinton Special - Type code CSSP - Special includes 8 Clintons 2 of each size in a variety of colors with both bucktailed hooks and trebles. No requests.

Price: $10.00 plus S/H

Type Code CSxx

xx= 14  for 1/4 oz.
xx= 12  for 1/2 oz.
xx= 34  for 3/4 oz.
xx= 10  for 1 oz.
Clinton spoons pictured above come in 4 sizes - 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., and 1 oz. They come with either single bucktailed hooks or treble hooks. These lures are made of lead and cast like a bullet.  They work well on almost any game fish. You can cast them, troll them, or use them like a jig on open water or ice fishing. The two small sizes work particularly well ice fishing. They are a great low cost substitute for the very expensive metal spoons that are on the market. Bluefish and stripers love these lures. Please email for colors and sizes available.

Price: $1.50 each all sizes plus S/H  (Powder painted spoons 10 - 25 cents extra)
For Salt and Fresh Water including Ice Fishing