2009 - 2010 SHAD PICTURES
Bill Mares with shad from the St. Johns River south east of Sanford in Shad alley in Florida. First picture sent in for 2009. Fly fishing. Thanks Bill.
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Bill's Flies
Gabe Walker was fishing with Bill Mares at shad alley in the St. Johns and caught this fish using a fly rod with sinking line. This fish was caught on January 19,2009. Hey Bill, Now we know where your hot spot is located.
Clay Henderson with one of 25 shad he took fly  fishing the St. Johns with his buddy Guy Neff. 3rd picture of the year. He was a little slow this year. 1/25/09
Tom Dietrich with a couple of shad taken from the Tar River in NC - last week of March 2009
Mickey sent in these pictures of the beginning of the run on the Delaware April 2009. Remember to take a kid fishing. See video of him catching a fish.
There are no shad in New Mexico, but this happy youngster got some practice catching fish on the Rio Grande. Zachary Cocca, age 6, Walleye 31 inches caught April 27th near Caballo Lake, New Mexico on the Rio Grande River using Paulske red balls of fire, single hook, 6 lb test. Zach and his father, Todd plan to catch the end of the shad run on the Delaware. Good Luck and thanks for the picture.
Here is Milt Honeywell's version of a true Lilac Shad. It is photographic evidence that such a shad exists. Thanks, Milt.
Nice action shot of a Delaware River shad taken by Clay Emerson in May 2009. Was that a Woo's Lures Dart he was using? My guess is Yes.
DJ Johnson took this shad 5/23/09 on the Willamette River. He now has the shad bug.
Left: Evan's first shad. Pictures sent in by Ralf  Irizarry. Nice fish Evan. This shad fishing is a blast isn't it.

Below: Logan's first Shad. That's what it is all about. Taking a kid fishing. That kid will be a shad fisherman for the rest of his life.
Thanks to Shad Pappy for sending in the picture and doing all he does for the shad fishery.
2010 Shad Fishing via Kayak in Maine. Bob Knowlton broke his rod on a big roe, but managaged to land the fish. From the lure on the other rod it looks like he was also targeting stripers.