2007 and 2008 SHAD PICTURES
Mike Grant's buddy Clay Henderson with an early 2007 shad from the St. Johns River in Florida.
Please email in your 2008 shad pictures to be included here.
Caught on February 4th on the St Johns River in Florida by Michael Grant of Washington DC…………the best of a fine day.

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A happy Woo's Lures customer, Edward Gagliano caught six  hickory shad today at the Tailrace Canal St. Stephens S.C. below Lake Moultrie. Green darts and spoons worked the best. 3/23/07
Capt.Dave and crew fishing for shad on Larry Holmes Dr. Now those are some dedicated shad fishermen fishing the Delaware river during flood conditons.  4/2007
Bill Rowlands with one of 3 shad he took at Washington's Crossing Park on 4/25/07. The roe fish was 23 inches. This was his first shad trip and first catch. A nice start for a beginner. Good Job Bill
Dave Bean and a friend took 8 american shad and 3 hickories in the Trenton area on 5/1/07. The hickories are not common on the Delaware. It is difficult to take pictures with a cell phone. Sorry about the chopped head.
Hudson river shad taken by Notorious Doostman. They swim upsidedown at night in the Hudson.
Woo's first shad taken in Massachusetts.
I caught this shad 5/10/07 at night in the North river.
Delaware river shad taken by Milt Honeywell on 5/11/07. Once again the original red/white dart catches another shad. Another of his fish below.
John Michael Tussel, age 8 with his first shad. Taken at the Zane Grey Pool in Lackawaxen, May 13th.  Nice fish John. I am sure there are many more such fish in your future.
William C.Smith, a good friend and customer, sent me this picture of a monster shad caught in the Hudson Rver 5/9/2007 just about a mile below the Troy Dam. It was 28" 9 lbs. 4 oz. He took picture with his cell phone.   This photo was in all the town newspapers all along the Hudson. Fisherman was Robert Kulria (Bob please contact me I would like to discuss your catch.) Email me. New NY State record announced at http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/33943.html.
Photo of sunrise shad on Capt. Dave's boat.

submitted by:
Bob aka "CameraGuy"
Photo of Capt. Pat and Capt. Dave "fish on". Nice Boat Dave. Seems to me there was lots of chatter on the Reports page about this boat early in the season. glad to finally see it.

WEST SIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! Here are some Shad caught on the fly in the real Washington - Undisclosed location, Columbia River, June 16 2007. Tips Up!   Kevin Shipman - Spokane, WA. What a beautiful spot to fish!
Shots above are of a couple of shad taken by John Leach during the 2007 season on the Susquehanna. He said the run was no wheres near as good as last year - probably due to the heavy rains. His results were fewer and smaller fish.

12/27/07 -  Pictured above is a group of shad fishing enthusiasts who for many years have had a shad fishing derby on the St Johns in Florida. A wonderful way for friends to get together and have a fun time. Why don't you and some buddies start a similar event?

Clay Henderson the first shad picture of 2008. St. Johns River in Florida. His buddy at the right. Fish on flyrod below.

4/21/08 - Woo's first shad of 2008 taken above the Dingmans Bridge. 6 pounder taken on yellow/red dart.
Mike Honeywell with a nice shad he got fishing with his Dad, Milt.
Fish taken by Larry Poirier at the Turner Falls on the Conn. River. To right is Larry's friend, Kazu with his first shad.
John Leach (top) with his buddy Lee Vought had some good action with the shad below the Conowingo Dam in 2008. Lee's Picture was from a trip in 2007. Nice action shots of jumping hickory taken by John with his Canon rebel digital camera. I hope that green dart was one of Woo's. Visit John's Websites at http://www.freewebs.com/johnleach/links.htm
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Click below for shad video from France
Pictures of the Bonneville Dam Shad fishing compiments of Kandi Mejia. Her Comments: The first is the view down to where everyone is fishing.  This is the Bonneville Dam in the background.  Oregon is just on the other side of the river.
The second is down the line of fisherman
The third is about a half day's take of shad. 

Here in Washington there is no limit and the Asians and Ukrainians love them!  My husband and I use them for Dungeness_crab bait.  We get so many crab using them as bait that everyone around us just watches in amazement when we bring in our pots with limits of crab.

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Shad Pappy the master at work. May 5, 2007
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