2005 Shad Pictures
Chris left and Charlie right with some early season shad. Pictures taken by Charlie Raffaele. Thanks Fish Coffin.
7 lb shad taken by Jerry Duffy. Nice fish!
Birdman Paul got into them at Portland 4/13/05.
A Delaware Bay waterman, out of the Maurice River, forwarded a photograph
of  a 10 lb. American shad that he caught in his pound net on 4/1. Now that is a nice shad!

Piaractus Brachypomus caught by George Horvath  7/16/2005 in Duck Island power plant. georgerhorvath@yahoo.com.

Be careful when you lip the next shad you catch. You might catch this dude's mama.

Woo's police escort, Heidi with her first shad. Fish was taken 4/21/05 at Milford. She also bagged this nice turkey recently. Not a shad, but a worthy picture. Nice work Heidi!
Woo finally got off the skunk for 2005 on 4/21/05 at Milford. A combination of my #1 all pink spoon and the noodle rod did the trick. 

From Bill Guthier, Jr. 4/23/05 "Attached is my favorite shad photo...picture of my son Bill with his first... Caught 100% by himself altough he asked for help more than once. (Of course lots of encouragement from Dad but I never touched the pole or reel.) Being his first big fish (just shy of 7lbs) he kept it to show his Mom and have for dinner.  Ugh!  Earned him a Pa junior angler award. Now 28 he has grown up on the river and is an accomplished catch and release fisherman... " Thanks Bill. This is what fishing is all about.

Brian at Portland 4/29/05.  He had a good day. Picture 1 - Fish on. Picture
2 - son of a bitch....I lost it!

Birdman Paul lands another one at Portland on 4/29/05. He is a happy dude.
  Picture of Dan Seibert. His comments below:
"We get big shad on the Susky also!  I caught this 8 pounder in late April
below Conowingo Dam.  Thankfully, the gentleman next to me had a camera and captured the shot. (Strange he was from Jersey and didn't like to fish the Big D.)  Anyway, she was released back into the river and perhaps I will see her next year." Nice shad Dan!!!

Ray Lasso nailed some nice roes on Rick's Rock (Secret spot) fishing with Woo. 5/17/05