2004 Shad Fishing Pictures
Dead Shad at the Trenton Power Plant. Catch and Release is great, but if you don't handle them carefully they may end up like this. Remember we want as many as possible to complete their spawning cycle. 3/26/04
Woo's first shad of the year at the Trenton Power Plant. As usual I got lost getting there. Picture by Dick Turse. Thanks, Dick.  3/26/04
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Photograher Dick working to get that first shad of the year. Trenton Power plant jetty in the back ground. 3/26/04

Al Kurth with a nice St Johns river shad. My host out fished me badly. Thanks for the great trip Al. Woo had one to the boat, but lost it. 2/20/04.
Bob Kastsnagger with an unusual catch. A quill back carp sucker taken at Deer Creek in MD on 4/8/04. I will never again question what WG says. again. He properly identified this rare catch. What do you think Charlie? Mark? Is he right?
WG with his son, WG III (Will) age 7. Will took this nice female by himself. Is it a female, Will? He knows the difference. Just like his old man he is shad nut. More fathers should do what WG does. Share the experience with your kids. It is something  they will always remember and next generation will hopefully be able to enjoy the pleasure that we have experienced. Taken 4/8/04 Deer Creek Park, MD. Click here to see some more shots from our trip to Conowingo and Deer Creek in MD
WG with both an American shad ( L) and Hickory shad (R) taken 4/25/04 at the Fairmount dam on the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia. That day WG and New Hip had 58 hickories and 18 American shad in 5 hours. Good day of fishing guys. 
Henry (L), Steve (Below) and Bob (R) with some nice shad taken near Shawnee on 4/19/04. 
Woo (Catch and Release?) Groves with 2 -  5lb+ roes taken near Milford, PA on 4/30/04. Both fish inhaled the lures and were bleeding badly, so I decided to keep the roe for  my
cousin who was sick in the hospital. He just loves to eat shad roe. I do not share this love with him. Check out the size of those egg sacks. The four together weighed over 2 pounds. That is a lot of eating cuz.

Mark "Tonger" with fish on and result at Milford 5/1/04. He is back to shad fishing after being away for over 15 years. Better than metal detecting huh Mark.
(Left) Woo's Granddaughter Molly (age 10) and son Jim with nice shad taken by Molly. She arrived after I had been fishing for over 1/2 hour without a touch and she hooked up on her 3rd cast. Soon after she picked up a walleye. It took my son over 3 hours to get his first fish.  (Right) Cousin Bobby (age 11) still smiling after he lost his only fish because Woo tied a lousy knot for him. Boy is my face red. Milford, PA 5/1/04. A nice day on the Delaware. You can't beat taking a kid fishing. Give it a try!
Mascara (blue/green) on late running shad per WG
Larry Smith of the Susquahanna Shad Fishing Club with a nice American Shad at the Conowingo Dam.
This would have been my entry in the fishing picture contest. Rainbow at the Conowingo dam after a hard rain shower. Actually both ends of rainbow later were visible ending in the water. Quite a sight. Taken 5/5/04
I did lousy catching the shad, but was able to nail this large quill back carp sucker at the Conowingo dam on 5/6/04. It fought better than any of the shad that I caught.  Thanks WG for landing the fish for me.
Photosite pictures:

Woo's 4/30/04 trip to Milford - Couple of big roes.