Steve Dura contributes the first fish picture of the year. A nice walleye on 1/9/03. I am glad someone is not afraid to fish in the winter. Nice catch Steve. Where did you get it Steve?
A couple of Florida fishermen display their catch. "Bonefish" McGee with a nice Largemouth and Cliffy with a Shad.
I got a report of a World Record Small Mouth Bass - Nice try Steve. I can't even put this picture in the Hall of Fame.
6/8/03. Woo with 40 inch Cape Cod striper. Nighttime bass was kept to give fish to my landlord. I prefer releasing them, but ocassionally clean one. Larry made me do it.
2/10/03. Woo got a couple of fat yellow perch ice fishing at his home lake, Green Pond, NJ. Ruler shown is a 15 inch ruler.
Ginger H. with a nice Green Pond large mouth bass. Nice catch, Ginger!
scroll down to see her pickerel.
10/6/03 Gus Heisler and his son August each with Large mouths taken at Green Pond, NJ. Two happy fishermen.
Ginger H. with a long Green Pond pickerel. Watch those teeth, Ginger! 11/22/03
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